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M.Z. Naser, PhD, PE

I am a tenure-track assistant professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences & a member of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute for Science and Engineering (AIRISE) at Clemson University.


At the moment, my research group is creating Causal eXplainable machine learning methodologies to discover new knowledge hidden within systems belonging to the domains of Structural engineering and Materials science to help us realize functional, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure. Much of my current projects cover the areas of structural & fire engineering, tailoring properties of construction materials, and retrofitting of aging structures. I am currently serving on a number of international editorial boards, as well as codal building committees (in ASCE, ACI, PCI, and FiB). I am humbled to serve as the chair of the ASCE Advances in Technology committee and be among the top 2% of highly cited scientists worldwide, according to the Elsevier-Stanford 2022-study.


As a first-gen in STEM, I am committed to diversity and inclusivity and continue to be motivated to give back to our community by providing freely accessible educational material. My group is actively looking for challenging research questions and ideas, motivated collaborators, and students. Please feel free to contact me to explore possible research opportunities.                                                                                

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