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M.Z. Naser, PhD, PE

This edited book draws inspiration from the Technical Session entitled “The Concrete Industry in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,” held during the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention in spring 2020. This special publication comprises fifteen papers. This collection of papers covers the use of various AI techniques at the material level (i.e., concrete performance and mass-scale testing, property predictions, and optimization, etc.), elemental level (e.g., behavioral and capacity prediction of slabs, walls, beams, and anchorages, etc.), as well as system level (viz. damage and crack detection of concrete bridges and concrete composite structures). Special thanks go to ACI,  ACI Committees 216, 444, and 554, our panelists and contributors who were very kind to share their most recent research and unique ideas pertaining to infusing AI s​o​l​u​t​i​o​n​s​.

Here is a link to this ACI edited book. [ISBN: 978-1-64195-162-3]

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