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M.Z. Naser, PhD, PE

Clemson University           
CE 8/6/4910  Machine Learning & Causality in Engineering 

CE 8/6/4930  Structural Fire Engineering & Safety 

CE 8030  Advanced Steel Design 

CE 4020  Reinforced Concrete Design 

CE 2010  Statics     

Michigan State University 
CE 808   Structural Fire Design 

CE 805   Advanced Design of Steel Structures                                 

CE 405   Design of Steel Structures    

CE 271   Field Plane Surveying                                                                                      

American University of Sharjah
ARC 344  Structural Design for Architects    

ARC 341  Statics and Mechanics of Materials for Architects    
CVE 242   Lab of Field Plane Surveying     
CVE 223   Mechanics of Materials    

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