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M.Z. Naser, PhD, PE

This page contains recent calls for papers, chapters and other contributions where I am serving as an Editor/Co-Editor:

Open Calls:

1.  An edited book to be published by Elsevier titled, Interpretable Machine Learning for the Analysis, Design, Assessment, and Informed Decision Making for Civil Infrastructure (accepting abstracts now).

Our goal is to highlight novel methods on the frontier of computational intelligence, CI, (i.e., artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc.) that can be created, tailored, and/or applied at the civil infrastructure scale.


Preference is given to works that:

  1. Contrast CI against existing (traditional) methods.

  2. Incorporate whitebox/explainable/interpretable CI methods (vs. blackbox methods).

  3. Highlight integrated human-machine interactions (e.g., decision making, etc.).

  4. Present potential for scalability (i.e., includes web-based access, downloadable Apps/software).

  5. Showcase the potential of CI in extreme conditions/hazards (i.e., earthquake, wind, wildfire, etc.) as opposed to daily/ambient conditions.

  6. Share data, codes, and Apps (whenever possible).



  • Infrastructure encompasses those belonging to all areas under the civil engineering umbrella.

  • We are sponsoring a new initiative by allocating a couple of dedicated chapters for early careers & post-docs/scientists, as well as minority-led works.

  • Abstracts are due [to yours truly] - open.

  • Each chapter will be fully citable (with a doi).

  • This book is expected to be published in print & online in Q1/Q2 of 2023.


2. Book Proposals for our Springer Book Series Digital Innovations in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.[Cover page]

3. Special Issue on Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Architecture, Structures and Construction. [link]

4. Special Collection on Advances in Information Technology towards Vision for the Future of Structural Engineering by the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering. [link] [flyer]


1. Smart Systems in Fire Engineering - A special issue sponsored by Fire Technology [flyer] [editorial letter] [link to special issue/list of papers]

2. The Concrete Industry in the Era of Artificial Intelligence - An ACI convention seminar & Special Publication that took place in April 2020 in Baltimore, MD. [link[flyer] [book The Concrete Industry in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (SP-350 book) - Nov. 2021].

3. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, Management, and Safety of Infrastructure - An edited book to be published by CRC Press (Taylor and Francis)

4. Special Issue on Technologies-Based Advanced Machine Learning Models: Applications in Civil Engineering by the Wiley/Hindawi Complexity Journal. [link] [flyer]

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