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M.Z. Naser, PhD, PE

This page contains recent calls for papers, chapters, and other contributions where I am serving as an Editor/Co-Editor:

Open Calls:

1. Edited book titled, Causal learning, Causal Inference and Knowledge Discovery in Engineering Systems by Elsevier (accepting abstracts).

2. Edited book titled, Handbook of Construction and Insulation Materials for Fire Resistance Evaluation, Design, and Analysisby Elsevier (accepting abstracts). [Co-editing with Paul O. Awoyera].

3. Edited book titled, Interpretable Machine Learning for the Analysis, Design, Assessment, and Informed Decision Making for Civil Infrastructure by Elsevier (in production at the moment).


4. Proposals for book in our Springer Book Series Digital Innovations in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.[Cover page]


5. [Edited Book] Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, Management, and Safety of Infrastructure - by CRC Press (Taylor and Francis). [link] [preface].


4. [Special Issue] Advances in Information Technology towards Vision for the Future of Structural Engineering by the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering. [link] [flyer].

3. [Special Issue] Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Architecture, Structures, and Construction. [link]


2. [Seminar/Edited Book] The Concrete Industry in the Era of Artificial Intelligence - American Concrete Institute (ACI) convention seminar & Special Publication. [link[flyer] [book The Concrete Industry in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (SP-350 book)].

1. [Special Issue] Smart Systems in Fire Engineering - A special issue sponsored by Fire Technology [flyer] [editorial letter] [link to special issue/list of papers].

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